This is a story about us. Us – humans, and our lost roots. History, we have been taught in the schools, universities and so called mainstream media I find deeply misleading and false, so, being art historian by my basic and only profession, I am doing my own independent research and spreading the results of my finds, thoughts and conclusions here on my personal blog.

Bent pyramids.

1. Salher, located near Waghamba in Satana tehsil in Nasik district of Maharashtra, India2. Dahshur, approximately 40 kilometres south of Cairo, Khemet (today they call it Egypt) ——————————- Pyramides courbées.1. Salher, situé près de Waghamba à Satana tehsil dans le district de Nasik du Maharashtra, en Inde2. Dahchour, à environ 40 kilomètres au sud du… Continue reading Bent pyramids.

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